Google Webmaster Guidelines & Search Console Training

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Let's understand Google and Rank high in google SERPs Results

We don't know, what we don't know, and sometimes knowing things from the source helps to improve quickly.

Google Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console are the two primary keys to understand the dynamics of your website, the performance measurement and the rankings in the Google Search Engine.

This Google Webmaster & Search Console course will give you step-by-step training and provide you with a detailed understanding of the Best Practices to Rank High.

We will cover the Google Webmaster Guidelines recommended by Google, we will understand Black Hat and White Hat approaches and also 'what not to do' so that we can set up a long-term business.


We will cover in Google Webmaster & Search Console course :

– What is SEO and job of SEO Expert

– Theory of keyword competition

– Google Webmaster Guidelines & Best Practices

– Google Recommendations "DO's & DON'T"

– How to verify your website for Google Search Console 

– How to submit your website sitemap

–  Google Search Appearance Module

– Google Search Traffic Module

– Google Index Module

– Google Crawler Module

– Google Security Issues

– The recovery process, in case of Hacking

– Google Search Console

– Conclusion


Let's make your website safer, stronger and popular! 

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the Google Searche Console / Webmaster Guidelines
  • Best Practices to start and maintain a new website
  • Good understanding of Google Webmaster / Search Console
  • Indexing URLs & Registering Website for Search Console
  • How to submit sitemap Robot.txt to Google search console
  • Monitoring your website performance and inbound/outbound links
  • Analyze and optimize your existing keyword performance
  • Measure the website performance for AMP mobile devices
  • Improve user experience and monitor Quality traffic

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