About Us

Coursesandcourses is well established with a handful of students. After a few sessions, the institute reached new heights of success by providing coaching for Engineering and Medical entrance exams.

Each year, new milestones were set, and the institute reached a remarkable milestone with hundreds of selections in 2008. In addition to the Engineering and Medical domains, Coursesandcourses achieved outstanding results in International Olympiads. The institute also began offering Study Abroad preparation courses. Every year, our students are accepted into prestigious international universities.

Coursesandcourses is synonymous with quality education and provides a learning environment that extends education beyond the confines of traditional classroom learning.

We at coursesandcourses believe that education is the most powerful weapon for bringing about the desired change in our society and contributing to society as a whole. We also provide free education to deserving and meritorious students from low-income families.